Specialisations and Branches of Law

Commercial Law

Řezníček & Co. specialises in the provision of legal counselling in commercial law and we focus on both corporate law and the law of obligations.

  • foundation of commercial companies
  • acquisitions of companies relating to business shares and stocks transfers
  • legal due diligence, feasibility studies
  • organisation and administration of general meetings
  • issues relating to the protection of majority and minority partners’ rights
  • increases and decreases of registered capital
  • changes of existing legal forms and mergers
  • liquidation and winding-up of companies including the relevant proceedings before registration courts
  • foundation of and legal counselling relating to foreign companies’ joint ventures – we have practical experience with Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Italy and Mongolia in particular
  • legal counselling relating to tax optimisation

Our law of obligations services include:

  • execution and legal counselling relating to contractual documents (purchase contacts and contracts for work, loan contracts, agreements on assignments of claims and securing of obligations, agreements on business agency, leasing contracts etc.)
  • enforcement of receivables in the ordinary course of business


Civil Law

Řezníček & Co. provides for its clients counselling services in civil law encompassing all forms of legal assistance amongst which are consultations on cases and the evaluation of legal relations arising after the execution of contracts, agreements and any other related documents (purchase contracts and agreements on future agreements, contracts for work, assignment and securing of claims, mandate, consignment and brokerage contracts, bank deposit contracts, travel agent agreements etc.). We also represent our clients in all manners of proceedings before the courts, administrative authorities and public authorities within the whole range of civil law assistance services.

A distinct and separate area of civil law where we are active is counselling in matters of the protection of civil rights, goodwill and the reputation of legal (corporate) persons. We represent our clients in civil court proceedings in cases of breaches of their civil rights.


Real Estate - legal relations

In real estate and legal relations to real estate, we provide the following range of services:

  • complex preparation of contractual documents for the sale and purchase of real estate
  • resolution of the legal relations resulting from the legislation on housing cooperatives and ‘associations of housing units owners’
  • negotiation with Land Registries
  • representation in land-zoning and building permit procedures
  • lease and sublease of non-residential or other premises and real estate
  • realisation of creditors’ rights to collateral real estate
  • consultancy and legal counselling for development projects (reservation deposit agreements, loan contracts, security agreements, contracts on the granting of easements)


Accessing European Union Funds

Řezníček & Co. provides for its clients, be they corporations, non-profit organisations or municipalities, legal services relating to the accessing of European Union funds.

The accessing of EU funds includes, in the main, the evaluation and execution of contractual documents with consultancy firms specialised in the accessing of EU funds, organisation and legal services provided in relation to public tenders and the award of public contracts, and the drafting and execution of the relevant contracts with the entities implementing the projects.


Public Contracts

Řezníček & Co. provides for its clients counselling in relation to public procurement and in the legal issues relative to the participation of bidders in public tenders.

Our services in the area of public tenders consist mainly in:

  • complex counselling to public contracting authorities including small-scale contracts awarded directly to a single bidder;
  • legal evaluation or preparation of tenderers’ bids to ensure that they satisfy all the legal requirements for the bids submitted (satisfaction of all basic qualification criteria, professional, economic and financial qualification criteria etc.);
  • participation and counselling on the opening of bids submitted and the evaluation of the bids;
  • representation of public contractors and bidders in the process of protection against irregular actions on the part of public contractors, i.e. the preparation of grounded objections against the proceeding of a public contractor, examination of objections submitted by bidders from the position of public contractor, representation in proceedings for the review of public contractor’s proceeding before the Office for the Protection of Competition;
  • representation of public contractors or bidders in proceedings on administrative torts perpetrated in relation to the award of public contracts;


Intellectual Property Law

Řezníček & Co. provides for its clients the following range of services in the area of intellectually property in particular:

  • registration and administration of trademarks
  • legal protection of trademark owners from violators
  • preparation of trademark related documents
  • representation before the Industrial Property Office (Czech Patent and Trademark Office)
  • software license rights
  • copyright protection


Court Disputes, Arbitration and other Proceedings

We provide complex legal representation for our clients in the following types of proceedings:

  • court proceedings
  • commercial disputes
  • civil disputes
  • claims against the state
  • labour law disputes
  • arbitration proceedings
  • administrative proceedings
  • representation in proceedings held before the Czech National Bank
  • representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • proceedings held before Land Registries
  • building permit procedure
  • Trade Licensing Office procedure
  • proceedings held before other central state administration bodies


Labour Law

We provide for our clients legal counselling in relation to the drafting and execution of employment contracts, changes in employer-employee covenants and termination of employment, including amendments to competition clauses, assignment of employees for work to another employer, preparation of internal guidelines and work rules and regulations governing the rights and obligations between an employer and its employees and, further, the rights of trade union organisations, the creation of their constitutions and their registration.

Yet another sphere of our labour law services is the representation of the legitimate interests of our clients in labour law disputes.


Family Law

In the area of family law, we focus on the resolution of issues relating to divorce proceedings, the settlement of all legal relations between spouses and ex-spouses with options for resolution and changes to legal relations within marriage (reduction or extension of the community property of spouses, regulation of their rights regarding minors etc.)


Other Legal Services

  • attorney escrow of financial means and deeds;
  • administration of entrusted property;
  • professional lectures and seminars for companies’ employees on requested topics



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