About us

The law firm Řezníček & Co. bears on the legacy of the firm’s founders who have successfully provided complex legal services in all areas of law (contentious and non-contentious matters) for three ongoing generations.

The main scope of activities of our firm comprises the provision of services in the area of civil and commercial law, representation of clients before the courts, administrative bodies and other authorities and preparation of legal analyses and opinions.

However, our individual members and cooperating attorneys further specialise in more distinctive branches of law such as the law of real estate transfers, corporate law, acquisitions, joint ventures, bankruptcy and composition proceedings and, inter alia, copyright law.

We believe that in order to succeed today in the provision of professional legal services it is imperative to have a good grasp of the matter at hand, to show a high level of expertise, an accommodating and dynamic attitude and integrity. We consider it as our challenge to identify and understand the clients’ environment and aims and to consequently assist them in the realisation of their goals to the best of our ability. We only feel we have succeeded at the moment of the client’s satisfaction resulting in a long-term partnership with our firm.

We provide a range of services consisting mainly in:

  • legal consulting
  • drafting documents and deeds, in particular contracts, including their evaluation and adjustment
  • complex legal assistance for entire projects
  • preparation of legal analyses and opinions including the performance of legal due diligence
  • representation in proceedings before courts of all instances including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
  • epresentation before government agencies, public authorities and other authorities
  • representation in negotiations with private or legal persons

We can further offer you, as a part of the provision of complex legal assistance services, the firm’s long-term cooperation with many experts from the partner law firms of different specialisations, and in related areas, particularly:

  • auditors and tax advisers
  • bailiffs
  • public notaries
  • sworn surveyors and assessors for enterprises
  • certified court-appointed interpreters and translators
  • specialists in accessing EU funds


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